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*Designed and serviced by  DGL & Associates. Inc.


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*Designed and serviced by DGL & Associates. Inc.

Internal Revenue Code Limits

The IRS annually adjusts qualified retirement plan limits for increases in the cost of living.  The following table lists the 2017 and 2016 limits.

More About DGL & Associates, Inc.


DGL & Associates, Inc., and DGL ASA LLC  provide plan design and administration for both qualified and nonqualified retirement programs.  DGL ASA LLC works with clients who have, or are interested in, defined benefit plans.  DGL & Associates, Inc. works with clients have have, or are interested in, defined contribution plans.

We pride ourselves on our “non-cookie-cutter” approach that enables us to creatively design retirement plans that fit each client’s individual needs.

fotolia_115957204We believe the best way to serve our clients is to grow our business, one client at a time.  Specifically, our goal of remaining a small operation allows us to continue to partner with each of our clients, provide personal service and focus strictly on their unique needs.

As such, we have invested in resources and technology that help our clients succeed by increasing accuracy, productivity, compliance, and most importantly, profitability.  Thus we also work with multiple investment companies to provide our clients with options that fit their needs.

fotolia_115957204We strive to provide an honest analysis of our clients’ needs, ensuring that they understand and choose the best available plan options.

We are continually educating ourselves on the rules of the tax code, ensuring that we find the maximum tax-deductible contribution for our clients.

We believe our strategy, along with our strong commitment to our clients promotes the creation and ongoing health of pension programs for businesses and their employees – employees who might otherwise go without pension coverage.

  • Plan Design
  • Annual Administration
  • Implementation
  • Distribution Processing
  • Plan Terminations
  • Comprehensive Compliance